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In The Office With Maya (Vore)
It was a quiet day at the Wright & Co. Law Offices with nothing overly interesting happening. No new clients or anything. All Phoenix knew that he was feeling a little bored. At the very least, he wasn't alone, since his assistant, Maya Fey, was in the room with him. Maya wasn't in her usual clothes for some reason, but Phoenix didn't question it, figuring she just wanted to be different. Maya was wearing a pair of blue shorts, but no shirt, revealing her purple bra.
"It sure is quiet. Maybe I should talk to Maya?" Phoenix thought, "But what should I say to her?"
It took a few seconds, but Phoenix figured out something he could try to get her to do.
"Maya... I want you to eat me." he said.
"You look very tasty, Nick..." was all his assistant had to say, before licking her lips.
"Heh, well?" insisted Phoenix.
"Well, time to send you into my stomach!" exclaimed Maya.
Maya walked closer to Phoenix and opened her mouth wide. She grabs him and pulls him inside of her mouth. She begins t
:iconzikik:Zikik 11 3
Maya's Game (Vore)
"Hello, welcome to the game." Maya said to Phoenix at the office.
"What do you mean by 'game?'" Phoenix asked, staring at his assistant, who wasn't wear wearing anything but a purple bra and panties.
"The 'Ace Attorney' vore game." answered Maya, smiling. "In this game, you can get devoured by someone like me."
"Would I want to do something like that right now?" asked Phoenix.
"You should... 'cuz it's fun. Also, who wouldn't want to end up inside my belly..?" responded Maya.
"I guess I have some free time." replied Phoenix, "Okay, I want you to eat me."
"You're looking very tasty." said Maya, "I hope you enjoy your trip into my belly."
Phoenix didn't have a response for what she just said. Immediately after that, Maya grabbed him, opening her mouth wide, and then proceeded to shoving Phoenix inside. He could feel her mouth coat his upper body with saliva as she continued. He could feel nothing but excitement as more and more of him descended into her awaiting belly. He suddenly landed
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Being Kind To A Stranger (Vore)
It was a beautiful night and you were on your way home. You had been out for a while enjoying the fresh air that you needed after keeping yourself inside so long, but mostly, you just hoped that eventually something interesting would happen to you. Unfortunately, it seemed that no matter how much you went out, nothing really that interesting would happen. But this night was different. In your neighborhood, you never talked to your neighbors much and it was always a surprised to see any of them out.
Your next door neighbor, who you didn't know the name of was outside. You didn't really know anything about her, other than that you thought she was beautiful. Probably the most interesting thing is that you didn't see her wearing anything but a black bra and panties. Originally, you planned to just walk by (and maybe peak a little) and just get inside your house, but she noticed you before you got to your friend yard and walked toward you. Up close, you noticed how large her boobs were.
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Miranda Tries Something New (Vore)
What many in their town would consider to be far from normal would be completely normal for Miranda and her father, Clark. vore was something that occurred between the two of them quite a bit. Every now and then, they'd trade off with how got to be the prey, but for some reason, Miranda seemed to prefer being prey. One day, while still wanting to be the prey, Miranda wanted to change things up a bit, to help keep it interesting. She started by cleaning herself up and then she got into kitchen and immediately got to work.
She wanted to cook herself, but only slightly. She ended up buying some materials off of the internet, which included a pot and a set-up kit. She added a bit of stuff to the pot and would eventually add herself. She would sit in the pot for a little while, making sure she would get out when it got too warm. After she felt like she cooked long enough, she got herself out and finished the rest of the peperations, and soon after she was on a plate on the dining room table
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Nicole Is Hungry (Vore)
Simon was in was walking in the forest with his best friend Nicole. Simon wore a plain white shirt, and a pair of blue pants. Nicole was wearing a pair of light brown shorts, but she wasn't wearing a shirt, exposing her black bra. Plus, her breasts were rather large and noticeable. She had also dyed her hair purple  somewhat recently. The two friends just walked and talked about things they liked. But suddenly, Nicole spoke out.
"I'm hungry." she said.
"Oh." said Simon, "Well, I'm right here, if you want."
"Thanks, Simon," she said, placing her hands in his shoulders.
Nicole's mouth opened wide and began swallowing her friend. Simon's head slid right in. Nicole made sure to get a good taste of his face. Simon also made some efforts to push more of his body inside of her. Nicole just kept swallowing in and grabbed onto Simon's sides to help his descent into her belly. His face had begun to slide down her throat. With more effort, his face reached her stomach. Nicole just kept going
:iconzikik:Zikik 24 2
Breakfast For Amy (Vore)
It was morning and Kevin slowly got out of bed. He was tired, but that was kind of normal for him in the morning. Kevin slowly made his bed, and got dressed before heading out of his room. He found his sister on the couch, wearing no shirt, like usual. She was wearing just a pink bra, a pair of blue shorts and a pair of pink panties that weren't entirely covered by her shorts.
"Good morning." said Kevin.
"Morning." responded his sister, Amy.
"Have you eaten yet?" asked Kevin.
"Not yet." responded Amy.
"Well, then. How about having me?" asked Kevin.
"Sure." answered Amy.
Kevin walked over to his sister, who opened her mouth wide. Other than that, she didn't move. It was beginning to look like she wanted Kevin to do all the work. He would have to feed himself to her. He didn't really mind though, as long as he ended up inside of her belly at some point. Kevin slowly and gently began to push his head inside of her mouth. It slid in onto her tongue where she began to lick his face. He then
:iconzikik:Zikik 36 1
Who is Miranda? (Vore)
Derek one day felt something he never felt before. He had only talked to her a few times, but there was something about her. Something that interested him. Whenever she talked to him, she seemed so kind and caring, but it seemed that the rest of the school didn't see that. He never really knew why it was that way. Maybe he should ask? Derek found his best friend, Jake by his locker and spoke.
"Hey, Jake." said Derek.
"Oh, Hi, Derek." responded Jake, turning around, "What's up?"
"I think I..." started Derek, but he trail off, and started to blush.
"Are you saying you're gay for me?" asked Jake.
"N-no! I'm hetero." responded Derek.
"Oh. Same." responded Jake, "But I wouldn't have judged you if you were."
"What was I talking about? Oh, right!" responded Derek, "I think I kinda... like a girl here..."
"What? You want some advice?" asked Jake, "I have zero experience with dating, dude. I wouldn't be any help."
"No, it's not that." replied Derek, looking down, "Everyone seems to hate her."
:iconzikik:Zikik 17 3
Having You For Dinner (Vore)
Harold and his girlfriend, Hilda were extremely close. It also helped that they were really good friends before they started dating. Harold had blue-green-ish eyes and dirty blonde hair. His height was normal for his age. However, Hilda was a bit taller than him and her breasts were pretty big. She also had long brown hair and dark green eyes. The two of them were rarely ever seen apart. One night, they decided on a date. However, it was a bit different from usual.
Harold sent her a text asking her over for dinner. Hilda ended up arriving at his house around the time requested. She showed up wearing a pair of light brown shorts and a dark blue tank top, one that showed off a good chunk of her breasts. Harold was just wearing the usual red t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. They looked straight into each other's eyes. Hilda was absolutely beautiful.
"Come in." said Harold.
Hilda stepped inside.
"Are you ready for this?" asked Hilda.
"I think so." he said, laughing.
"Alright, then." she
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Come On, Sis... (Vore)
Eric had a dream. It was something he was fascinated with. The idea of getting eaten by someone, or rather, swallowed whole. It was something he wanted to experience. However, he never told anybody except for his older sister, Emma. However, she didn't want anything to do with it. She always thought it was too strange. She cared about her brother, but she did not want to do anything like that to him. Of course, she knew about how reforming was possible, but she just didn't like the idea of it, or understand it. Nevertheless, she kept from telling anybody about her brother's secret.
Eric was an attractive young high school student with blonde hair. He was usually seen wearing long blue pants and a random shirt each day. This day, he was wearing a plain grey one. His sister was absolutely beautiful, which caused her to get into relationship after relationship. Sadly, none of them ended well. She was tall and had long blonde hair. She usually had a ponytail and this day was no exception.
:iconzikik:Zikik 70 1
Mom's Belly Will Take Care Of You (Vore)
Jim was a strange young man. He had this dream of being small, and while in that state, swallowed whole by somebody. However, he wanted it to be someone specific: his mother, Kara. He was a reasonable size for his age, with dark brown hair and a face that most girls would say was cute. His mother was beautiful, and constantly hit on my single men.
However, she would always turn them down. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. That night, he would try something. He never told his mother about his secret wish, partially because he was embarrassed about it and didn't know how to react.
One night, after purchasing shrinking candy from the store, he used it on himself. He went into his mother's room after she had gone to sleep. Being small it took him some time to reach her bed, but when he did, he stopped and panted a little. Once he was ready to move again, he climbed up onto her bed. It took a while, but he managed to do it, and he
fell over as soon as he reached the top. He took a few
:iconzikik:Zikik 49 2
When Nick Saved Maya (Vore) (JFA Spoilers)
Phoenix was quite relieved when he barely made it out of that trial alive. He was stuck in an unfortunate situation. His assistant, Maya Fey, had been kidnapped, and to get her back, he needed to get an acquittal for his client. What made it so difficult for him was the fact that his client truly was guilty. In the end, he was able to get Maya back as well as get a guilty verdict for his client, thanks to the client's decision to attempt blackmailing the kidnapper, who was also the  assassin he hired to kill the victim. Phoenix was in the defendant lobby, along with Maya, the trial's prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, and Maya's younger cousin, Pearl.
"Oh, Nick!" she said, "I knew you would come through! You got him convicted, like I knew you would... and on top of that, you even rescued me!"
"Well, of course I did!" responded Phoenix, "You know I would never desert you! But we sure pressed our luck this trial... You're really lucky to be standing
"Whatever, whatever." replied Ma
:iconzikik:Zikik 5 5
Best Friends II: After School (Vore)
Simon and Nicole were at school. They had just finished their P.E. class. Their instructor had told the class to go change, but Nicole wasn't able to since her gym clothes were all she had to wear since, the laundry didn't get run in her house the previous night. As soon as Simon was finished changing, he caught up to Nicole who was wearing a grey shirt and a pair of black gym shorts.
The two of them were often seen together and others would ask if they were a couple. Of course, each time they were asked, the two would deny it. Although, sometimes, Nicole did wish the two of them could be more than friends and Simon didn't seem to want to change anything. At least the two of them were happy together.
They were pretty popular at school, partially because they were both so attractive. Neither of them were overweight and weighed about the same. Simon was still taller than her, but neither of them really cared about that. Simon's hair was black and it always looked so nice and Nicole had l
:iconzikik:Zikik 19 0
Mature content
Best Wife Ever (Vore) :iconzikik:Zikik 21 0
Little Red Riding Hood Play (Vore)
Ruby Rose and her friends were putting on a play for their classmates. It was their own version of the story, "Little Red Riding Hood". Ruby would be playing Red, her sister,
Yang would be playing Red's grandmother, and Blake would be playing the big bad wolf. Their take on the story was certainly going to be a very interesting one. In the story, the wolf wanted to eat Red, but Blake kind of wanted that, too.
Playing the part of the wolf, Blake sneaked into Red's grandmother's house. However, there was a pause. It was quiet. Nothing on stage, but Blake, a bed, and a house backdrop.
"Yang!" exclaimed Ruby, off-stage.
"Did somebody say GRANDMA!?" exclaimed Yang, jumping on stage.
"You're looking good for your age." commented Blake.
"I work out." responded Yang.
"Uh, aren't you supposed to be in bed?" asked Blake.
"Who's got time for sleep when I've prepared this great song and dance number!" answered Yang, dancing around the stage, "And a one and a two..."
"Stop upstaging everyone and ge
:iconzikik:Zikik 61 5
Getting Kevin's Attention (Vore)
Kevin sat still, playing his Nintendo 3DS on the couch one quiet afternoon. He was playing Etrian Odyssey Untold, and he was really into it. He had been playing the game non-stop for days. For the most part, everyone was having trouble getting his
attention because he was far too focused.
As he played, his older sister, Amy walked into the room. She was wearing a white shirt with blue stripes and a pair of blue jeans. Amy played around with her hair a bit looking at her brother. He glanced up at her and then he spoke up.
"What is it?" asked Kevin.
"You've been a little - very focused on that game for a while." answered Amy.
"Yeah." said Kevin, "I think I'm getting close to the end."
"Is there any way you'll take your mind off of it for just a little bit, at least?" asked Amy.
"Well... I just got to a save point." replied Kevin, "I'll stop if you eat me."
"Oh, alright." responded Amy.
She slowly took her shirt off, and revealed that she was wearing a blue bra. Then she unbuttoned and th
:iconzikik:Zikik 31 4
The Mock Trial's Reward (Vore)
The courtroom was quiet. Phoenix had has hands placed on his desk. Edgeworth stared at him from the opposite side of the courtroom, his hand on his desk. The silence would soon be broken, by the judge banging his gavel.
"Court in is now in session for the mock trial of Maya Fey." said the judge, "And as you all know, today is a very special case."
"And that would be?" asked Edgeworth, his arms folded.
"The reward for the winner." answered the Judge, "Could Ms. von Karma come up to the stand?"
It didn't take long, but Franziska von Karma came up to the stand wearing nothing but a silver bra and pair of panties. She placed her hand on the stand.
"I don't have my whip today, because I'll let my belly do the talking today." said Franziska, "That's right! The winner of this
trial gets to be digested by me!"
"And there you go," said the judge, "there's some incentive. Now, Edgeworth, please give your opening statement."
Phoenix and Edgeworth had been battling each other for a while and e
:iconzikik:Zikik 7 0


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It was a quiet day at the Wright & Co. Law Offices with nothing overly interesting happening. No new clients or anything. All Phoenix knew that he was feeling a little bored. At the very least, he wasn't alone, since his assistant, Maya Fey, was in the room with him. Maya wasn't in her usual clothes for some reason, but Phoenix didn't question it, figuring she just wanted to be different. Maya was wearing a pair of blue shorts, but no shirt, revealing her purple bra.

"It sure is quiet. Maybe I should talk to Maya?" Phoenix thought, "But what should I say to her?"

It took a few seconds, but Phoenix figured out something he could try to get her to do.

"Maya... I want you to eat me." he said.

"You look very tasty, Nick..." was all his assistant had to say, before licking her lips.
"Heh, well?" insisted Phoenix.
"Well, time to send you into my stomach!" exclaimed Maya.

Maya walked closer to Phoenix and opened her mouth wide. She grabs him and pulls him inside of her mouth. She begins to swallow Phoenix as my upper body gets covered in her saliva. She just kept going, pulling Phoenix inside further and further. Most of him is inside of her at the point, the rest of him would soon be inside of her stomach. Phoenix felt himself go in a bit faster, soon the rest of him falling into her stomach.

Inside, Phoenix could feel the warm walls of Maya's stomach squeeze around him as a slimy substance from the walls of her stomach gets him wet and sticky. All Phoenix could think about was how nice and warm he felt inside of Maya, and wondered if he should do anything.

"It's so warm in here, Maya." commented Phoenix, "I want you to digest me."
"It feels so good having you in there." responded Maya, "I would've digested you anyways!"

Phoenix wasn't sure how to feel about her response. All he knew, is that he chose this and she would digest him. This was what he wanted. This was how he wanted to spend his day. It certainly was far more interesting than taking on a case. Phoenix smiled as Maya's digestive fluids began breaking him down, absorbing his flesh, and causing Maya's boobs and
ass to grow bigger. Maya had fully digested Phoenix that day and he would later come out as poop.
It certainly hasn't been a very active for me, has it? Well, to be honest, I haven't been overly active on my main non-vore accounts on other websites. Lately, I've just been a bit busy and have had several things distracted me. I've also been having several life issues. Because of my current circumstances, I have not been able to put a whole lot out on this account. I've had no more than two stories published in 2017. To be
honest, yet again, I'm feeling burned out.

I seem to keep going back and forth between these points where I want to write a whole lot and points where I don't even want to be bothered with it. It's unfortunate, because I keep coming up with new ideas. However, I don't always get very far with my ideas. Writing my stories is also a bit harder these days. I try to go into more detail when I write to help better show what I was imagining when the idea came in my head (I've had a couple ideas from dreams I had at night, btw). Unfortunately, it seems that lately I end up feeling for too turned on when I write the stories.

Getting turned on by the stories I write has always happened, since like most of you reading my stories I'd assume, are turned on by it - it's a sexual fetish and whether we like the fact that it makes us feel the way it does, it still turns us on. I'll be honest, there are times where I'm even disgusted that I'm into such a thing and other times where I'm really into it. It's something that comes and goes and doesn't have an actual end. Anyways, it was more tolerable when I first started writing with those first few stories I published almost two years ago.

Even with this issue, I am not planning to quit writing stories. When I wrote stuff, I'd try to do it privately, whether or not someone was in the room, using a small window in Notepad and then later posting to deviantArt. At first, I tried uploading in bulk because I didn't think I'd have way too many opportunities to work on vore content. Such a thing has became harder, so I work on them, and upload them before making them public now. I have some that
I've finished and some that I'm working on that will be out at some point in the future. Well, that's all I have to say for now.
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